Italian alps

From the majestuous Mont Blanc until the Dolomites, bordering France, Switzerland and Austria, the italian Alpes are famous for there protected natural areas and the diversity of their landscapes.

The West part will offer you the Grand Paradis and its natural national parc, as a magnificent view of the italian face of the Mont Blanc. Fabulous ski touring itineraries will be hidding in the valleys, as well as snowy slopes, right under mythical alpinism peaks. 

As for the East part, it gets you to admire the great verticality of the Dolomites, limestone mountain range registered in the UNESCO world heritage since 2009. Comprised of sheer cliffs and more than 18 peaks higher than 300 meters, it offers a large range of possibilities for novice and experimented mountain climbers. Everyone can find satisfaction there:

Benvenuti nelle Alpi italiane !